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Ek Shringaar Swabhiman – Colors TV Serial Information

Chauhaan’s family pic in Ek Shringaar Swabhiman.

As per the show Nand Kishore is a problem, way too much ego for one person and his character is going to destroy this show. but he is right person in whole family.

its really Awesome serial but there are also others good one availble.

Star cast :

Sangeita Chauhan – Meghna Kunal Singh Chauhan (née Solanki)

Ankitta Sharma – Naina Karan Singh Chauhan (née Solanki)

Prachi Shah – Sharda Solanki

Sahil Uppal – Kunal Singh Chauhan – Meghna’s Husband

Samridh Bawa – Karan Singh Chauhan – Naina’s Husband

Karan Singhmar – Vishal Singh – Meghna and Naina’s cousin brother.

Aashika Bhatia – Khyati Singh Chauhan – Kunal and Karan’s younger sister

Vinay Jain – Nand Kishore Chauhan – Meghna and Naina’s Father-in-Law

Shweta Mahadik – Nirmala Nand Kishore Chauhan – Meghna and Naina’s Mother-in-Law

Suchitra Pillai-Malik – Sandhya Chauhan Meghna and Naina’s Aunt-in-Law [Karan and Kunals Governess]

Kanwarjit Paintal – Sujan Singh Chauhan – Meghna and Naina’s Grandfather-in-Law

Shalini Arora – Meghna and Naina’s Mamiji

Jitendra Trehan – Meghna and Naina’s Mamaji

Akshaya Bhingarde – Kalpana – Meghna and Naina’s younger Mami
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