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Luxury Hotel And Spa Opening at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon This Fall

Luxury Hotel And Spa Opening at Iceland's Blue Lagoon This Fall

Less than an hour’s drive from the capital, Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions. As travel hotspot for many visitors, the site often crowded. However, a new luxury hotel and spa complex overlooking the Lagoon will soon offer visitors a haven of tranquility among the hustle and bustle.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa in the southwest of the country. The site attracts crowds of visitors every year given its exceptional character and stunning scenery. Set among a lava field, tourists flock to bathe in the Blue Lagoon’s warm, milky-blue and mineral-rich waters, fed by the output of a nearby geothermal power plant. Particularly rich in silica and sulfur, the Lagoon is a hotspot for visitors in search of relaxation, and spa and wellness-based activities.

The luxury hotel development responds to growing demand with high numbers of tourists now visiting the site. The hotel will be built into the volcanic landscape, boring into lava dating from 1226.

The Moss Hotel and Lava Cove spa will be situated on the southwest side of the Blue Lagoon. The complex will offer visitors a peaceful haven thanks to a private extension of the Blue Lagoon, called the Lava Lagoon, filled with the same beneficial waters. The development will also feature an underground spa with a lava-rock-heated steam room for sweating out toxins, plus a fire pit and a sauna. Guests can also enjoy the mesmerizing sight and calming sounds of falling water trickling down a rocky wall.

The hotel will feature 62 luxurious rooms, each with floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views over the natural landscape. Plus, there’ll be plenty of spaces to relax and unwind, with lounge areas and a library.

Guests will be able to sample a seven-course tasting menu at the Moss Restaurant, with views over the lagoon’s milky waters, accompanied by fine vintages from a wine cellar built deep in the centuries-old lava.

The Moss Hotel and Lava Cove spa are due to open this fall. Rooms are priced around 109,000 ISK (approx. $982) or 300,000 ISK (approx. $2,704) for a suite with private access to the Lava Lagoon.


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