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Khar Restaurant Review: New Khar eatery tries hard but fails to impress

Khar Restaurant Review

Mumbai Vibe makes a good first impression. It’s spread across two floors with an al fresco section. The interiors are cute — watering can shaped planters, a library, sewing machine curios, witty framed posters, a facade of a double decker bus, swing-inspired seats, butterfly prints on the sofas — the works.

Onion Bhajia Tacos: But looks can be deceptive and we realised that soon. Our first order, a faux cocktail, was called Nothing Much (Rs 180). The drink stayed true to its name, turning out to be a too sweet mixture of pineapple and orange juice, mixed with iced tea. Our cocktail choice was the Ko Ko Yum (Rs 285). It came in a glass bottle and was a refreshing, fizzy drink that was low on alcohol.

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Since the place prides itself on its fusion, we started our meal with the Nazzas, or naan pizzas. The Fish Koliwada Nazza (Rs 395) sounded like a bad experiment. It had an oily and crispy base slathered with too much cheese, chutney and the tiniest bits of fish. By itself, the fish tasted good; it retained the flavour we associate with the favourite bar snack but the rest of the ingredients didn’t go well at all.

Our second experiment was the Onion Bhajia Taco (Rs 225). The ‘tacos’ were just parathas filled with soggy bhajias and slathered with sauces. Our main course, Fettucini with Mutton Meatballs (Rs 525) had juicy meatballs let down by a sauce that tasted like it came out of a can.


Throughout the night, we were treated to Bollywood music, courtesy the lounge area upstairs. The service was faultless but the food was enough to ruin any good vibes.

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