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Say Good Bye to Google Goal Optimized Shopping Campaigns.

In this post, I am discussing about optimized shopping campaign features, why an advertiser should apply, failure points and why you say Goodbye to the GOCs tools.

Advertisers are getting confusing to track the exact buying cycle journey of customers as the customer’s decisions are frequently changing. Let me tell you what is buying cycle journey and how it works. Before buying a product shoppers are looking and researching in across all devices more than ever, search online, watch products videos, reading reviews on blog posts and optimizing many other channels.  To reach shoppers are too difficult for any advertisers today, in order to solve these problems Google has introduced GOCs (Goal Optimize Shopping Campaign)

What You Get from New Google’s Goal Optimizations Shopping Campaigns

As we know managing large campaign is more complex and time intensive but from GOCs feature you will get relax from following activities.

Audience Targeting
Device Targeting
Headache of managing multiple campaign
Bid adjustments
Placements Adjustments
Remarketing Ads
Creative shopping Ads.

What Google Expect from you to run the Shopping campaign goal optimization

Your shopping campaign has at least 20 conversions in last 45 days
Remarketing lists with at least 100 active users
Conversion Values
15-20% more budget from the targeted budget.
2 to 4 weeks time duration for testing
For Display network we should provide some creative assets such as logo, brand logo, catchy long and short headlines, images & descriptions, some statics banners and targeted landing pages.

Where your ad will appear in New Google Optimization Shopping Campaigns technique.

Your shopping campaign will be displayed in different Google assets like Google display network, Google search partners, Gmail and YouTube.

Key Benefits of Shopping Campaigns ( Goal Optimized)

The three major benefits you will get from the new GOCs technique.
1. Simplicity – Manage campaign easily
2. Performance – Optimize to your goal
3. Easy Reach – Find customers across Google.

Major Drawback of Applying Goal Optimized Shopping campaign.

May or may not you know why the new GOCs may not be good for you. Let’s see what are the core drawback and what will loose from this technique.

Once you agree with Goal optimized shopping campaign Google will take away all control from you.   No control on the search term, no negative keywords, no individual bids and no controls over your creative remarketing. Let’s see what other you can not do;

1. You can’t bid one product group over another.

2. Attribution problem – You can’t even know how much is actual Remarketing Vs new customers. Are all audience is okay with your business.

3. New Product bid issues – There is no chance to bid of your new product over other products.

4. Combating competition – If you want to defend a product from undercutting competitors, you can’t do it. There is no option to expand non-brand terms to break through.

5. Negative control issue – You will bound to give up control on negative search terms. Suppose you have a product that a customer get confused about and you want to use the negative search query to stop that trigger but you can’t do it.

6. No feedback loop – Unable to know the search queries your customers are using.  There is no way to know your customers because Google will take away full access from your side.

Google remarketing and Google shopping are two different technology and business owners use two different purposes. Google remarketing allow the customers reengage and bring them to your site and make a purchase. Whereas Google shopping is a platform to capitalize your business brand equity and drive new customers accusations.  Merging this two-channel and leaving to Google automated systems, advertisers loss control when and where to invest, and where to take the biggest action if needed.

Acquiring new customers, improve customer experience, grow brand equity and do so profitably. So while GOCs may be able to optimize to sales, leads to traffics, they come up a few cents of dollars in terms of delivering what retailers want to achieve their paid search platform.

Conclusion – I am not saying to say, Goodbye, the new goal optimized shopping campaign but giving suggestion to do some testing with the GOCs Vs Shopping + Remarketing campaign to better analyze which one delivers batter under your budget estimated.

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